Local Attractions

Accommodations in Norris Point place you in the heart of Gros Morne, close to all of the regions major attractions. At Big Garden Cottages you are within walking distance of the Health Center, drugstore, a large playground, the beach, hiking trails, gas station and restaurant. In Norris Point you are: only twenty-five minutes from the Western Brook Fiord boat tour, ten minutes from Gros Morne Mountain an hour drive from the Tablelands. As Norris Point is located in the central region of Gros Morne, you will be within ninety minutes of any area in the park.

Attractions in the Vicinity

Paddle Boarding, Sea Kayaking and Canoeing Gros Morne Mountain Western Brook Fiords Indoor Swimming Clean Sandy Beaches Hiking Trails MUN Marine Biology Station Boat Tours The Arches A short boat ride across the bay to the Tablelands and the Ecology Museum Golfing
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A Great Winter


- Only one hour away from Marble Mountain - Excellent back country snowmobiling will enable you to view the Western Brook Gorge from the Long Range Mountains. - Cross country skiing within minutes - Sliding, snowshoeing and ice climbing
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Gros Morne National Park, Norris Point, NL